Andrew Fouche

Andrew Fouche
I am an experienced Product Manager with strong analytical and creative abilities, motivated by new or innovative customer-focused delivery strategies and opportunities. Solid expertise and experience in Workforce Optimization, Workforce Management, Contact Centre, Video Conferencing, Trading Platforms & Outbound Contact Centres. As a growth-oriented Product Manager with over 18 years’ experience in Workforce Optimization solutions and with a specific focus on problem-solving, design scoping, planning, and product development and lifecycle management. I have extensive experience in the following technologies: WFO/WFM , Voice Recording TDM/VOIP, Quality Assurance training and assessment tools for Contact Centers. I have experience in providing WFO solutions in the following industries: Financial trading, Banking, Public Safety, Insurance, Contact Centers, Military. My experience at Nashua Communications grew in the Contact Centre area and OpenScape Contact Centre Solutions from Unify. Collaboration and boardroom solutions are currently forming part of my portfolio as well and best-of-breed solutions for most functions and purposes from video conferencing, boardrooms, auditoriums to huddle-rooms.
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How Video and AI are changing the future tech of communications

Posted by Andrew Fouche on 30 Apr 2020 2:00:00 PM

AI has brought new capabilities to video, and this could change how organisations communicate.

Today, video communication goes beyond providing just visuals, it can now provide a host of added benefits from file sharing, digital whiteboards, broadcasting, conferencing, and much more. As video communication is fused with AI it will bring even more functions, benefits, as well as potential challenges.

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Topics: The future of technology

Discover remote working for call centre agents with Atos Unify

Posted by Andrew Fouche on 27 Mar 2020 11:00:00 AM

Working remotely has become something companies not only want to do, but now need to do. But there’s one type of business where many are unable to just pick up and work from home - call centres.

Businesses are finding themselves facing many challenges at the moment but there’s one big question we’re sure some of you have been asking, “how can contact centre agents work from home?” Believe it or not, it’s now very possible.

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Topics: Unify Insights

The Complete PCI Compliance Checklist

Posted by Andrew Fouche on 19 Sep 2019 8:30:00 AM

With the increased number and intelligence of fraud and cyber-attacks, it has become relatively easy for hackers and other external parties to gain access to sensitive information that your company may be handling, if it is not correctly protected.

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Topics: Data Compliance

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