Videsh Juggernarth

Videsh Juggernarth
In pursuing his ICT career, Videsh quickly moved up the ranks into key technical and business roles. During his tenure as a Systems Specialist and Enterprise Architect at Siemens Enterprise Communications (now Unify), Videsh worked on complex global projects in Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa. Now leading Business Development at Nashua Communications, Videsh is responsible for accelerating growth in a rapidly evolving market by creating key Go-to-Market strategies, while driving strategic partnerships and alliances to unlock value and new business. In his free time, when he’s not gaming, Videsh loves playing a round of Golf which helps him to unlock his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Celebrating National Effective Communication Month

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 11 Jun 2020 4:30:26 PM

June is the month when we celebrate effective communication around the world. How has technology improved communication? Which technologies are contributing to a more effective communication environment? 

Communication has always been at the centre of active management, and now more than ever, teams around the world should celebrate and understand its importance. Coming out after one of humanity's darkest social and economic periods, this June's National Effective Communication Month celebrations will be sombre.

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Microsoft's commitment to customers during Coronavirus

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 06 Mar 2020 1:00:00 PM

On 5 March 2020, Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 released a statement to assure customers that Microsoft has everyone’s health as a top priority and how you can keep your business running with the free Microsoft Teams. Here’s what he said.

Yesterday News24 confirmed that the first case of Coronavirus has reached our shores. With the nature of our public transport system in South Africa and the fear of exposure increasing, many organisations are looking at how best to keep business going while still keeping their staff safe.

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What we learned from the Microsoft Inspire conference

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 25 Sep 2019 3:40:07 PM

Nashua Communications was at Microsoft Inspire 2019, here is what got us excited.

Microsoft held its annual conference in Nevada this year - Microsoft Inspire, where new products and innovations are presented along with Microsoft's roadmap into the future. As a global partner, we always enjoy this event with its training programmes and networking events - where global Microsoft partners can meet and connect.

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Maintaining Data Compliance with Evolving Communication Tech

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 04 Sep 2019 11:00:00 AM

As communication technology evolves, compliance by organisations becomes even more important. Read on to find out how, what, and why your compliance should be smartly executed.

Although IT is a relatively new industry, the laws that govern it have been evolving for more than a century. This is because data protection laws along with regulations are fundamentally built on the rights to privacy and access to information. 

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Exciting times: Data center developments in South Africa

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 10 Jul 2019 1:35:00 PM

Local data centre developments in South Africa

Proper infrastructure and increased connectivity has given rise to local data centres. What are the benefits of having data centres on home ground and how will this change business in South Africa, and the continent as a whole? In this blog  we explore the development and impact of local data centres in South Africa. 

When we talk about data centres we also need to talk about the cloud. Data centres are physical servers that reside in specific locations, while the cloud relies on these data centres to operate. Data centres provide the necessary infrastructure for high-speed connectivity and are therefore the heartbeat of any cloud service. Globally, data centres have provided business solutions that not only save time but also money. So why has it taken so long for local data centres to be implemented in South Africa?

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