Ensure your voice solution systems run optimally and faults are resolved quickly with our Product Maintenance service.

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In our always-on world of technology, downtime is a four-letter word and no business can afford to be cut off from their communication. That’s why regularly scheduled maintenance on your systems is critical. 

Our comprehensive portfolio of product maintenance services allow our team of certified technicians to maintain your systems both on-site and remotely. And, are designed to ensure your voice solutions perform at peak efficiency and reduce the risk of downtime.

Contact us for information on our product maintenance solutions which includes:

  • On-site and remote support and fault resolution. 
  • Level 2 and Level 3 support and incident resolution including OEM vendor support.
  • Provision and implementation of all minor software updates.
  • Provision of spares holdings in major centres.
  • Despatch and management of services and technical resources.

In case of a fault:

While we work hard to maintain your systems and pride ourselves on the robustness of our solutions, technology is not 100% foolproof and a fault may happen. In the event of a fault, all reported incidents will be screened by a certified technician in the remote support centre and resolved, most likely before you even know about it. However,  should the incident require on-site intervention a technician will be dispatched immediately.

How it all works:

  • Our remote service includes the diagnosis and remote repair of an incident: 
    • A call desk diagnosis is run,
    • Then remote correction actions are undertaken (where possible in consultation with you).
    • If faulty hardware is identified, the remote service technician will initiate the supply of any spare parts.
  • If an on-site service is required, a technician will be dispatched to isolate the problem, and repair and install any replacement parts that may be needed.  
    • The on-site technician will diagnose the fault on-site and initiate the supply of any spare or replacement parts needed.  
    • Then the technician will repair the fault, replace parts and components, and perform functions and health checks prior to closing the ticket.

Our key goals of an ITIL service management approach are:

  • To align your Voice Services with the current and future needs of your business and your customers.
  • Improve the quality of the Voice Services delivered. 

For more detail on a truly collaborative voice solution, take a look at our Unify or Microsoft solutions. You can also fill in the below form and one of our experts will contact you and provide information on our supporting voice solutions!