Overcoming and assisting user adoption in tech

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 14 Aug 2020 1:04:17 PM

User adoption is the difference between successfully introducing new tech into a business, and launching an expensive mistake.

During the lockdown, many IT professionals both found and created innovative, cost-saving collaboration solutions that were designed to meet the evolving challenges that their remote teams face on a daily basis... but, what we saw is that many IT managers also found that they were constantly being roadblocked by non-compliant team members who wouldn't embrace these new solutions.

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Topics: Adoption and Change Management

Remote working: How to support your team members who are low tech or low data

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 28 Jul 2020 12:30:00 PM

How should companies and managers support their teams who might be low on data, due to connectivity issues or not having access to good quality internet connections ?

Often IT and remote working solutions are created by people with perfect internet connections, big screens, and high bandwidth. In reality, this is not the case for most people using these solutions!

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Topics: Adoption and Change Management

PABX and SIP The Risks of Not Updating Your Communication Tech

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 06 Feb 2020 12:00:00 PM

Telkom will no longer be installing or supporting copper landlines. What does this mean for organisations? What is SIP Trunking? What are their options?

An organisation's telephone system is the nerve centre of its communication infrastructure. The telephone system has evolved to offer more than voice and has come to include video, instant messaging, and more. Telephone systems are now largely software-based and come with more productivity integrations and features.

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Topics: Adoption and Change Management

The risks of not keeping up with software updates

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 05 Dec 2019 2:30:00 PM

Software updates are a simple security task that can often be overlooked. Not updating your software exposes your business and its operations to vulnerabilities that could cost money in the long run.

Updating software is a critical function of an IT administrator. Keeping software up to date reduces the risks of malfunctions, hacking, business loss, and business closure.

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Topics: Adoption and Change Management

[WHITE PAPER] How collaboration tools assist virtual training

Posted by Elmarie Turner on 30 Oct 2019 11:00:00 AM

Collaboration tools can be used effectively for virtual training. Our white paper helps you understand how you can leverage virtual training to enhance staff skills, knowledge, and performance. We also share some of our training techniques.

Virtual training has become accessible to both small and large organisations thanks to the advancement of collaboration tools. These tools can handle voice calls, live video feeds, sharing of documents, screen sharing, and so much more. The market is teeming with software and hardware providers from trusted brands like Microsoft, Unify, Slack, Cisco etc.

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Topics: Adoption and Change Management

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