The ultimate checklist for upgrading PABX to SIP and Trunk Lines

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 17 Jun 2020 1:04:27 PM

Here's a checklist for switching from copper-based lines to SIP connections.

SIP is now the global standard in telephony, so organisations that are not using it will need to rethink their telephony systems. Switching to SIP is a meticulous process that can be handled by either the internal IT team or the SIP service provider. The following are some steps and considerations to take when upgrading a PABX to SIP trunk lines.

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Discover remote working for call centre agents with Atos Unify

Posted by Andrew Fouche on 27 Mar 2020 11:00:00 AM

Working remotely has become something companies not only want to do, but now need to do. But there’s one type of business where many are unable to just pick up and work from home - call centres.

Businesses are finding themselves facing many challenges at the moment but there’s one big question we’re sure some of you have been asking, “how can contact centre agents work from home?” Believe it or not, it’s now very possible.

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The burning question: What should your call centre systems have?

Posted by Cedric Van der Merwe on 29 May 2019 11:00:00 AM

Call centres have evolved and moved from being stand-alone telephone systems to integrated, automated, always on contact centres that are able to solve consumers’ issues. Here’s what call centre systems should take note of and include.

Call centres often conjure up images of rows and rows of desks with people sitting behind them answering calls but modern call centres have evolved to be so much more than this. The call centre is essentially the front line of any business that provides a product or service at scale. And as customers become more demanding, customer service can be what sets a business apart from its competitors. According to the Microsoft 2018 State of Global Customer Service report, 61% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to poor customer service.

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